"A Lonely Place of Dying - Parallel Lines"
General Information
Series: Batman
Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying
Issue Number: 441
First Published: November 1989
Previous Issue: Batman #440
Next Issue: Batman #442


"A Lonely Place of Dying - Parallel Lines"Edit

Batman and Two-Face tracked each other, both trying to lure the other out. Dick took Tim Drake (the kid photographer) to Wayne Manor. There, he told Dick and Alfred his story: he'd been there when Dick's parents died; he'd had his picture taken with the Flying Graysons that night; he'd seen Batman swoop down to console the surviving Grayson; he'd later seen footage of Batman and Robin; he realized that Dick was Robin and figured out the rest. Batman saved a set of twins that the former Harvey Dent had kidnapped. Dick took Tim into the cave and left him with Alfred. He went out to find Batman as Nightwing, refusing to be Robin.


"A Lonely Place of Dying - Parallel Lines"Edit





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