"When the Earth Dies! - Red Square! Bloody Square!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Batman: When the Earth Dies!
Issue Number: 445
First Published: March 1990
Previous Issue: Batman #444
Next Issue: Batman #446


"When the Earth Dies! - Red Square! Bloody Square!"Edit

The KGBeast's protege, NKVDemon, was out to kill 10 Soviet "traitors," who were leading his people away from the teachings of Marx and Lenin. Bruce Wayne pursued business in the Soviet Union. By night, he sought out associates of the demon. The demon found him. Batman led him into an ambush, but he still escaped.


"When the Earth Dies! - Red Square! Bloody Square!"Edit


  • Batman
  • Tim Drake
  • James Gordon
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Nikita Krakov (First Appearance)
  • NKVDemon (First Appearance)
  • Slasher (Only appearance)
  • Vicki Vale
  • Anna Petrova (First Appearance)
  • Rebecca Curley (Only appearance)
  • Yuri Gregaroff (Only appearance)
  • Vasely Ramenki (Only appearance)
  • Marsala Ramenki (Only appearance)
  • Ivana Ramenki (Only appearance)
  • Haser Ramenki (Only appearance)



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