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"Dark Knight, Dark City Part 3"
General Information
Series: Batman
Dark Knight, Dark City
Issue Number: 454
First Published: September 1990
Previous Issue: Batman #453
Next Issue: Batman #455


"Dark Knight, Dark City Part 3"Edit

Batman got the baby to the hospital and went to the next location (he discovered the patter on a question mark over Gotham leading him to the final destinations), an amusement park. Riddler captured him and told him about a journal he'd found. Batman, through the Riddler's actions, had prepared himself for a black magic human sacrifice. Riddler was about to conjure up his very own demon slave. Before the sacrifice could take place, the demon scared Riddler away. Alfred showed up in time to save Batman from his tomb below the burning building.


"Dark Knight, Dark City Part 3"Edit



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