"Identity Crisis, Part Two: Without Fear of Consequence"Edit

Batman stops a skeleton-masked criminal, otherwise dressed as a Santa Claus, at Gracey's Department Store where he had injured eight people. A reporter indicates this is the 43rd "crime of whim." Afterwards Batman talks to Lt. Kitch who tells him there's no trace of chemicals or hypnosis. Kitch tells Batman about Vicki's lead with Rico Marcuse. Vicki is being attacked by a skeleton-masked man (Yazz) while Rico Marcuse assigns some of his men with the names and addresses of three more people who are to be sent skeleton masked. One of his henchmen spots the struggle between Yazz and Vicki and they go down to see what's going on. Rico recognizes Vicki from the morning near the homeless men. They take her with them to see the boss. Batman has been watching and decides to follow them silently.

At the Batcave Tim continues searching the internet trying to find a link between the victims. He's driven to find the solution to prove himself to Bruce that he deserves to be Robin. Alfred tries to recruit Tim to help wrap Christmas presents but Tim refuses to give up on his search.

Rico takes Vicki to Gotham Chemical, an abandoned factory. They call the boss to tell him about Vicki, then escort her up. On the stairs Vicki manages to get away from the henchmen but runs straight into the boss. Batman decides to try to sneak into the building. Tim has a daydream where he is confronted by the two previous Robins who lecture him on not giving up. He wakes up and contemplates the situation and realizes that a whim is just a momentary lack of fear. He calls the Batmobile but Batman is not there to answer. So he calls Commissioner Gordon and asks him to activate the batsignal to tell Batman what he's deduced. Batman spots the signal but has no time to respond. He continues his infiltration but activates a booby trap and is captured by the Scarecrow. Tim debates whether he should go into action, in defiance of Batman's orders, or stay put and hope for the best. He ultimately decides he must help and takes a taxi.


"Identity Crisis, Part Two"Edit




  • Gotham City
    • Gracey's Department Store
    • Rico's Workplace
    • Batcave
    • Gotham Chemical