"Mustache Pete is Dead!"Edit

The Ventriloquist gets out of prison and plans to retire from the life of a criminal. His puppet, Scarface, has other plans however. They return to the Ventriloquist's nightclub only to discover that the Street Demonz have taken over. Scarface's right-hand man, Brute, betrays them and joins in with the Street Demonz. A firefight breaks out and the Street Demonz blast Scarface several times with their shotguns. The Ventriloquist and his loyal henchman, Rhino, take Scarface's body back to their apartment. The Ventriloquist wants to forget all about him, but Rhino insists on giving him a proper burial. He builds a small coffin for the dummy.

Meanwhile, the Batman stops a Fever junkie from pitching himself off from the roof of a tall building. Afterwords, he swings over to Police Headquarters to get an update on the recent Street Demonz activity. At the Gothamite News building, Vicki Vale meets her new partner – photojournalist Horten Spence. Their editor gives them an assignment to conduct an expose on the recent Fever phenomenon. The two reporters begin scouting the schoolyards and encounter some Street Demonz drug dealers. One of them attacks Vicki, but Horten protects her. The two share a kiss as Batman swings overhead.

Later, the Ventriloquist hears a voice coming from Scarface's little wooden coffin. He decides to return to his old ways and repairs the wooden dummy. Scarface returns to "life" and pledges to avenge himself against those who wronged him.


"Mustache Pete is Dead!"Edit