General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 479
First Published: June 1992
Previous Issue: Batman #478
Next Issue: Batman #480



A prominent Gotham banker was found naked, gagged and tortured in a trash can leading Batman to investigate. When another man goes missing immediately afterwards, Batman asks Kitch too run their names and see if they have any ties to one another. Kitch finds that both men were recently acquitted on charges of raping and beating a young girl named Sondra who later killed herself.

Batman goes to the site of Sondra's sister's apartment and sure enough finds the other kidnapped banker being tortured and beaten by Sondra's sister Marian. Now calling herself Pagan, she has trained herself in the martial arts as well as gymnastics. Batman manages to get the upper hand leading Pagan into a retreat but Batman stops her from getting away. Pagan knocked unconscious, Batman returns to the apartment and turns the rapist over to the police.






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