"Crossed Eyes Dotty Teas"Edit

Following the massive Arkham breakout, the Mad Hatter is the first to make a move. He breaks into a haberdashery, stealing several hats. He is observed by Bird and his falcon Talon. Unnoticed by Bird, the Hatter captures the falcon and places a homing device on it.

Batman and Robin hear a police dispatch announcement regarding the crime, and try to beat the police to the scene. Batman discovers an invitation to a tea party to be held at Tenniel Estate, and they speed away, just as the police arrive. The Hatter invites several criminals to join his tea party, under the pretense of giving them the opportunity to kill Batman. He forces them to put on his hats, which are fitted with voice-activated mind-control devices. He sends Film Freak out to find out who released them from confinement, because he doesn't appreciate being used. Film Freak uses the homing device placed on Talon to find Bane's hideout.

Batman instructs Robin to be backup only, remaining out of the fight. However, Batman is obviously unwell, and Robin is filled with concern. The Caped Crusader bursts into the tea party and attacks Hatter and his thralls. He questions the Hatter about Bane's involvement, but the Hatter doesn't recognize the name. Bane shouts "I am Bane" into the Film Freak's transmitter, just before killing him. The Hatter sends his thugs after Batman, and when he trains a gun on the hero's back, Robin leaps into action, and saves his mentor's life. The heroes overhear Bane shouting that he plans to kill the Batman over the transmitter. Robin assures Batman that they will find and catch their tormentor, but Batman is visibly shaken and exhausted - with the rest of Arkham's inmates still on the loose.


"Crossed Eyes Dotty Teas"Edit