"Night Becomes Woman"Edit

After seeing Catwoman on the Gotham waterfront, Batman goes back to the cave mesmerized by her grace and presence. The next night on the rooftop of Gotham police headquarters, Gordon informs Batman of increased fear of terrorist action at the upcoming trade conference later in the week. He tells Batman of the stolen Xyklon-C at the same place where he saw Catwoman last night. Gordon is not so sure that Catwoman would steal nerotoxin in order to kill others, but Batman doesn't want to hear it. Gordon is summoned to Mayor Krol's office, who tells the commissioner to let the Batman do his thing.

Catwoman goes to a warehouse to steal Benzotrilene, since it's the only thing close to Xyklon-C that any terrorist would try to mix with. Batman is on her tail though and confronts her before making off with the chemicals. Batman suspects Catwoman of blackmail terrorism. His mannerisms and attitude is enough to know that this Batman is not the one she has encountered previously. Catwoman manages to elude him, but Batman quickly gets back on the trail, feeling his awe of her was to blame for her getting away in the first place.


"Night Becomes Woman"Edit