"Dark Dance"Edit

After experiencing a vision of St. Dumas, Batman continues on the trail for Catwoman. His search brings him back to the warehouse where she stole the Xyklon-C. He comes to a boathouse with the neurotoxin on board one of the boats. Suddenly, Catwoman puts the boat in gear and hightails it away down the river. As the two struggle the boat goes out of control. They both ditch the boat before it crashes, with Catwoman in possession of the placebo drug Benzotrilene, and with Batman still in pursuit. Gordon gets the call about the boat crash, goes to the scene to find out where the two masked vigilantes went, still not sure that Catwoman's mixed up in terrorism.

Batman follows Catwoman to the Tuscany building. Their fight causes a large gargoyle to fall, coincidentally on Montoya's cop car. Gordon calls more police on the scene, while Batman and Catwoman are fighting to a stalemate. The police move in on the scene with Batman pointing out the Benzotrilene on the floor to Gordon as proof of Catwoman's "terrorist" activities and leaves the scene leaving an enraged Catwoman to fend for herself.


"Dark Dance"Edit