"Malevolent Maniaxe"
General Information
Series: Batman
Knightquest: The Crusade
Issue Number: 506
First Published: April 1994
Previous Issue: Batman #505
Next Issue: Batman #507


"Malevolent Maniaxe"Edit

Batman is looking for people who may be able to lead him to Abattoir even as the serial killer's incarcerated cousin puts out a bounty on the serial killer's head to the tune of $100,000. A former punk group, now doing dirty work for the Roselli family, decide to pursue this bounty, as does ex-cop Kelvin Mao, now the invulnerable vigilante Ballistic. All three parties collide when tracking down some of Abattoir's former associates. Batman still continued on the trail of Abattoir.


"Malevolent Maniaxe"Edit



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