"Robin and Batman"Edit

Not ready to fully resume his career as Batman, Bruce Wayne passes the mantle of the Bat onto his first ward, Dick Grayson. Dick is both reluctant and honored to don the cape and cowl of Batman. Almost immediately, the new Batman is called into action. Robin and him answer a summons from Commissioner Gordon and meet him atop the roof of police headquarters. Gordon immediately knows that this is a different Batman, but he is relieved that it is not Jean-Paul. He tells the Dynamic Duo about a rash of slayings that took place out near Gotham River. Batman and Robin borrow a speedboat from Wayne Enterprises Marina and ride out to investigate the scene.

Meanwhile, Killer Croc is back and looking to re-establish himself in Gotham's underworld. He terrorizes the waterfront district and slaughters several hired guns in an effort to find out who is now running the major rackets. After interogating and killing one informant, he learns that a man named Paretti is now in control of the waterfront district.

Batman and Robin track Killer Croc to a warehouse and a fight breaks out. Batman is concerned that Robin, though skilled, might needlessly place himself in danger. Killer Croc grabs a hold of Batman and tries to snap his spine, but Batman boxes him about the ears, forcing Croc to let him go. He then tosses Croc into a net attached to a hoist and lifts him straight into the air. The surviving thugs open fire on Killer Croc until they believe he is dead. Dick tells Robin to call the police.

Back at police headquarters, Jim Gordon tells his wife Sarah his concerns about the most recent man who has taken up the role of Batman. He's always trusted the original Batman, but doesn't know what to make of the new one. Dick and Tim return to the Batcave. Despite the success of their mission, Dick begins to have self-doubts about whether he can cut it as Batman.


"Robin and Batman"Edit