"Haunted Houses of the Head"Edit

Diving out of the window of an apartment, Batman catches the falling body of George Dunstan and brings him safely to the street. The Scarecrow however, manages to escape. The following day, Armand Krol holds a press conference to talk about his re-election campaign. After the conference, he speaks with his press agent and instructs him to dig up some dirt on his rival Marion Grange.

That evening, the Scarecrow selects his next victim, Jackson Grey - another man who once tormented Jonathan Crane in high school. He abducts Grey and brings him to a horror-themed fun house. He ties him to a guillotine, which can be activated by a special trigger elsewhere in the building. Batman learns about the Grey abduction and traces him back to the fun house. He carefully negotiates a trail past the fun houses various pitfalls. He accidentally sets off a trap, which releases the guillotine blade above Grey's head. Fortunately, Batman is fast enough to push the man out of the way before he is beheaded. He soon encounters the Scarecrow who attempts to incapacitate Batman with his fear toxin. Batman tears the Scarecrow's hood away, leaving him vulnerable to the effects of his own gas. Jonathan Crane attempts to flee, but Batman closes in on him and knocks him out.


"Haunted Houses of the Head"Edit