"Frozen Assets"
General Information
Series: Batman
Underworld Unleashed
Issue Number: 525
First Published: December 1995
Previous Issue: Batman #524
Next Issue: Batman #526


"Frozen Assets"Edit

Batman must stop Mister Freeze from a plot involving the murders of several old people, while Mister Freeze is demonically empowered. The demon Neron granted Freeze the power of Cryokinesis, the control over ice. Freeze plans to make money claiming to cryogenically freeze some of Gotham's old and wealthy, but simply leave them dead in his ice and take all of their assets. When the five elderly marks he chooses each in turn refuse, he realizes he will be unable to even fake their complicity in his plans, and decides to kill them merely on principle. His henchmen, Ice and Cube, worry along the way that Mister Freeze has gone even crazier than he normally is, but still actively participate. Batman and Robin track the three down, and are able to meet them at the third house they plan on robbing. Although Batman is eventually able to stop Mister Freeze by shattering his helmet with an antique shield, he is left unsatisfied as he was unable to save the third man's life, and Freeze got away with four murders


"Frozen Assets"Edit





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