"Constant Whitewater"Edit

Batman is consumed with a need to combat all crime taking place in Gotham, no matter how low key. He engages in a car chase with a thug and succeeds in steering his car off the road. The man tries to escape, but Batman lays him out with a single blow. He then goes off to foil a convenience store robbery.

When he finally returns to the Batcave, Alfred points out that he is overtaxing himself. He accuses him of engaging in "risk recreation". Alfred suggests allowing Tim to pick up some of the slack, but Bruce is reluctant to endanger Robin's life needlessly. When Bruce finally leaves, Robin steps out from a stalactite. He thanks Alfred for putting in a good word for him.

Batman goes back out onto the streets and embroils himself in a conflict with the False Face Society. Fortunately, Robin arrives to give him back-up. After taking down a bunch of masked goons, Batman tells Robin that he appreciates his help. He also reveals that he knew Robin was present in the Batcave during his conversation with Alfred. Batman and Robin get inside the Batmobile and drive home.


"Constant Whitewater"Edit