"Night of the Dying Jokers"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 545
First Published: August 1997
Previous Issue: Batman #544
Next Issue: Batman #546


"Night of the Dying Jokers"Edit

Joker uses a chemical on two of his stooges that turns them into carbon copies of himself and makes them more compliant. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne has a lunch date with Vesper Fairchild. Vesper stays into the evening hours, when Bruce sees the Batsignal lighting the night. He makes an excuse to get Vesper to leave and changes into his Batman costume. Joker and Etrigan are at the Darkhaven Building. Etrigan is blasting gargoyle cornices loose from the room, to topple to the ground below, keeping pedestrians and police from entering the building. Batman enters, takes down the Joker's goons and rushes to the roof where he confronts Etrigan and Joker.


"Night of the Dying Jokers"Edit





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