"Shellgame, Part One: Gambits"Edit

LexCorp moved into NML overnight to begin rebuilding Gotham City. Jobs were offered promised to anyone who would take them. Batman visited Luthor and claimed to have inside information on him. Luthor thought he was bluffing. Bruce Wayne contacted Lucius Fox about the status of their property in Gotham. Joker made his first move. In the streets of Gotham, Harley Quinn and Joker are putting the fear of the clown into some thugs. Harley tells Joker she knows just where he can get more exposure. Elsewhere, Robin is spying on Huntress and Bill Petit. That evening, Luthor and Mercy talk about the day's events. Mercy tells Luthor that Luthorcorp stock jumped 38 points after the press conference. Luthor goes to bed and is awakened by a visit from Batman. Batman warns Luthor not to try anything. After Batman leaves, Luthor tells Mercy to get Bane.


"Shellgame, Part One: Gambits"Edit