"Endgame, Part Two: Tender and Mild"Edit

With Pettit's sanity already in question, he sent his troops to battle. Joker began capturing his men, putting them in green wigs and purple coats, and letting Pettit kill them. Bill refused to listen to reason and continued shooting his own men. Huntress realized that she no longer even think she could get a hold of Batman to ask for help. Instead, she sent Foley to try and get a hold of Gordon. Without hesitating, Pettit fired a round into Foley's skull for deserting him. Huntress snapped and began to beat Pettit not realizing that Joker was closing in.

With Pettit incapacitated, Huntress stood her own ground between Joker's men and the Strong Man compound containing 80 men women and children who were ordered earlier by Pettit to be there. Huntress took down twelve of Joker's men before Joker shot her three times. With Pettit's men defeated, Joker has amassed Foley's ammunition supply which Foley once touted as "enough bullets for every man, woman, and child in Gotham." Joker closed in and places the gun up to Huntress's head.


"Endgame, Part Two: Tender and Mild"Edit