"Mike And Allie"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 577
First Published: May 2000
Previous Issue: Batman #576
Next Issue: Batman #578


"Mike And Allie"Edit

Beneath the cave, Batman investigated the influx of rats in the area. He found a little girl who was living with a family of alligators. She told him of how she was mistreated by her foster family. Nearby, three robbers were attempting to blow a hole in Bruce Wayne's "basement." Their charge went off, knocking Alfred unconscious, and they entered the cave. When they realized Wayne must be Batman, one of the three killed the other two so she could get the full cut of the profits. She was killed by one of the alligators while leaving. Batman notified Bullock of the foster parents who'd mistreated the alligator girl.


"Mike And Allie"Edit





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