"Orca: Part 1: A Matter Of Principle"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 579
First Published: July 2000
Previous Issue: Batman #578
Next Issue: Batman #580


"Orca: Part 1: A Matter Of Principle"Edit

Bruce Wayne attended a charity event held on a cruise ship by Ms. Bader-Smythe. It was attacked by an aquatic humanoid. "Orca" took Bader-Smythe's necklace and escaped back into the sea. Batman investigated Orca's motives by visiting a marine research facility / aquarium run by Dr. Grace Balin. Batman encountered Orca again at a place where stolen jewelry was fenced. Two were killed; Orca escaped into the sea. Orca's motives for the theft are purer than they might seem, and now Batman must face the unpleasant task of thwarting her plans for obtaining the gem in defense of a woman who is little more than a high-society-sanctioned slumlord.


"Orca: Part 1: A Matter Of Principle"Edit



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