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"Orca: Part 2: Going Under"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 580
First Published: August 2000
Previous Issue: Batman #579
Next Issue: Batman #581


"Orca: Part 2: Going Under"Edit

Batman jumped Orca again at Dr. Balin's facility. She believed she was being somewhat a Robin Hood - stealing from the rich. When Orca escaped, Batman found Dr. Balin's wheelchair in the killer whale tank. Bruce got into disguise and wandered into a group of homeless. They took him to a free soup kitchen where he found Dr. Balin serving the meals. He was able to read her lips. After leaving, he found a boy that had been threatened by Bader-Smyth. Orca attacked Bader-Smyth later that night.


"Orca: Part 2: Going Under"Edit



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