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"Orca: Part 3: Diver Down"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 581
First Published: September 2000
Previous Issue: Batman #580
Next Issue: Batman #582


"Orca: Part 3: Diver Down"Edit

After Orca was shot, she grabbed Bader-Smyth and jumped into the ocean. While he pursued them, Batman got a report from Alfred: Dr. Balin had been doing stem cell research on killer whales in order to possibly cure her handicap. Bader-Smyth shot Orca; Batman got them both to the surface. Dr. Balin took another dose of her serum, became Orca, and got away. Charges were later brought against Bader-Smyth for a number of crimes.


"Orca: Part 3: Diver Down"Edit




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