"The Dark Knight Project"Edit

Two film students come to Gotham to make a documentary about the Batman and the truth of his existence versus his status as an alleged urban myth. Meanwhile, Batman, incensed at the death of Jeremy Samuels, is doing the best he can to interfere with all of the Penguin's schemes large and small. With the students in the city, he has to work hard to stay out of their way and one of his most effective actions against the Penguin is to buy his base of operations as Bruce Wayne and move to get it demolished. The film-makers' presence in Gotham affords the Penguin an opportunity to distract Batman from him.

As the kids are getting nowhere in their investigations, save for the suggestion that the Batman urban myth is a creation of Harvey Dent, he suggests that they go to Arkham and interview Two-Face; he also arranges for a breakout at the asylum so that Batman will have to come to their rescue and be caught on film. However, after saving the kids, Batman is able to persuade them that an air of mystery and uncertainty is essential for what he does. After they agree to abandon their project, he throws himself back into the fray to subdue the prisoners.


"The Dark Knight Project"Edit