"Measure For Measure"Edit

Batman continues his anti-Penguin campaign to the consternation of the Gotham City Police Department. The Penguin, meanwhile, takes Bruce Wayne to court in order to stop the demolition of his headquarters. His lawyer tries to make the case that the demolition was ordered by Wayne as a personal act of revenge, but Wayne puts on his usual vacant playboy routine, successfully fooling the judge. The Penguin then tries to kill Wayne's lawyer and the judge, but fails on both counts: the first because of the vigilance of Wayne's bodyguard and the second because the guy he tries to blackmail to leave a bomb in the judge's train compartment can't bring himself to do it. Batman later promises James Gordon that he'll ease up on his single-minded crusade against the Penguin, but not before he lets fifty people know the numbers for the Penguin's weekly lottery.


"Measure For Measure"Edit