"Shot Through The Heart: Part 1"Edit

Deadshot is in town and Batman has got wind that he's accepted a major hit. At the same time, gangster Lew Moxon returns to Gotham, and Huntress' knowledge of the mob suggests that he may be the target. Batman attends a reception to honour Moxon's return (as Bruce Wayne) and meets Moxon's daughter Mallory, with whom he spent a happy summer before his parents were killed. He also spots Zeiss, who was involved with the death of Jeremy Samuels, and discovers that he is Moxon's bodyguard. The lights suddenly go out, and fake gunfire streaks across the room. Batman soon realises that this is a test to see how good Moxon's security really is, and sports Deadshot leaving the party. He pursues, and is astonished when Deadshot shoots through his decel cable.


"Shot Through The Heart: Part 1"Edit