"Shot Through The Heart: Part 2"Edit

Batman narrowly avoids death after Deadshot shoots through his decel cable. The next night he dines with the Moxons, partly because he believes Lew will be Deadshot's target and partly to renew his friendship with Mallory. However, he discovers that Mallory is as much a part of the criminal world as her father. Returning later, he encounters Zeiss once more, Zeiss revealing that the death of Jeremy Samuels was largely orchestrated to get to Bruce Wayne rather than Batman. As the two of them fight, Deadshot quietly comes in the front door and shoots Lew Mozon to the horror of all. Annoyed with himself that he failed to save a life, Batman goes to talk to Jim Gordon, but his friend is away and he must share his frustration with the empty air.


"Shot Through The Heart: Part 2"Edit