"Crooked Miles"Edit

While chasing down routine criminals, Batman finds himself distracted by thoughts of Philo Zeiss, at least until he discovers a body wrapped in a carpet with its neck broken. He begins to track down the deceased, via the carpet he was rolled up in. The next morning, Bruce Wayne gets a 'phone message from Mallory Moxon, who feels he's been ignoring her, which, Sasha insists, is pretty much the truth. That night, Batman tracks down Rex Cooke and then Mallory Moxon, forcing Zeiss into the open, as he is the killer in question - of Peter Perkins, Rex Cooke's messenger/spy. Zeiss and Batman fight, Zeiss claiming that he has trained himself specifically to fight Batman and so cannot lose; Batman turns the tables by introducing Batgirl to the fight, which is soon ended. Lew Moxon soon hears the fracas and orders Batman to leave and to take Zeiss with him.


"Crooked Miles"Edit