The Turning Point
General Information
Series: Batman
Bruce Wayne: Fugitive
Issue Number: 603
First Published: July 2002
Previous Issue: Batman #602
Next Issue: Batman #604


The Turning PointEdit

Catwoman found Batman and relayed a message to him from Dr. Thompkins. Leslie told him Gary Sloan was in the hospital and wouldn't last long. Detective Sloan had asked for Batman. He asked him to take over a case for him - the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He'd promised their son he'd never stop looking for their killer; he believed in Wayne's innocence, which helped Batman recover part of himself. He also tells Batman that he doesn't believe Bruce Wayne murdered Vesper Fairchild and deserves a fair hearing. Out of respect for the man, who was an early inspiration to him, Batman takes on both cases, and contacts Oracle, calling himself Bruce rather than Batman.


The Turning PointEdit



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