Deadshot Shot Dead!Edit

Batman dives to save Cain, who had willingly let go of bridge he'd been holding onto in an apparent suicide attempt. Batman grabs Cain, and the two swing into a window of the building below.

As the two talk about an escape plan, Cain asks Batman why he's trying to save him after killing Fairchild and framing Bruce Wayne for the murder. Batman says that it's because he cares about Cain's daughter, Cassandra Cain, Batgirl. Cassandra still cares about her father.

Batman and Cain make their way to the sewers and blow a hole in the side of a building. Unfortunately, the hole leads to an apparent storage room for gun smugglers. As Batman fights off the gang, Cain is confronted again by Deadshot.

Deadshot teases Cain about losing his touch and squandering his gift. During this taunt, Cain remembers his daughter. Encouraged by her memory, Cain decides to fight back after all. He headbutts Deadshot, grabs a discarded gun, and shoots Deadshot through the costume bulls-eye on his chest. Batman tells Oracle to call paramedics.

The next day, a news anchor reports that Cain's testimony was taken successfully. In an operating room, surgeons congratulate each other on saving the life of Deadshot.


Deadshot Shot Dead!Edit