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Hush (Part I of XII): The Ransom
General Information
Series: Batman
Batman: Hush
Issue Number: 608
First Published: December 2002
Previous Issue: Batman #607
Next Issue: Batman #609


Hush (Part I of XII): The RansomEdit

A physically altered Killer Croc kidnaps Edward Lamont IV, heir to the Lamont Chemical fortune. He is holding him for a ten million dollar ransom. Batman tracks the boy down and rescues him and gets into a fight with Croc. Batman defeats Croc by using a hyper-sonic device that sends Croc reeling over with pain. During the fight however, Catwoman arrives and sneaks off with the ransom money.

Batman takes off swinging after Catwoman. He's hot on her tail, but Catwoman leaps from rooftop to rooftop always two steps ahead of him. As Batman closes in for the capture, something cuts through his batline. He falls all the way to the street below and is knocked unconscious. The fall, and his recent battle with Croc severely injures him.

Catwoman meanwhile meets up with Poison Ivy and hands her the ten million. Something is definitely odd here, as Catwoman appears to be submissive to Poison Ivy's charms.

As yet, no one knows who cut the batline.


Hush (Part I of XII): The RansomEdit





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