"Broken City, Part Two"Edit

A young boy has become an orphan after the murder of his parents. Seeking the culprit, Batman shakes down Killer Croc at a strip club. Focring Croc, he asked why take away the kid's parents. Not giving a damn, he told Batman that he had nothing to do with the boy's parents, and that this part of town isn't actually crime-free. Angered, he locked Croc to his seat and goes to investigate. Finding out there is a murderer out there, going by the name of 'Little Boy,' he tries to look and capture him. Finding the Little Boy, Batman is astonished to find out the culprit is a woman. Yet, going to catch her, she escapes by easily taking down the Batman. Batman wonders though, why she killed the boy's parents.


"Broken City, Part Two"Edit