"Broken City, Part Four"Edit

Batman chases down a street thug and knocks him down. He is attacked from behind by a female member wearing the same gang colors. As Batman stands up he sees a large man carrying a fish hook. He learns the woman is Little Boy and the man is Fat Man. Batman tells them he is looking for Angel Lupo, just as they are. Fat Man tells Batman that Angel is not a killer and that someone else must have killed his sister. Batman moves throughout Gotham rousting the criminal element and interrogating all that he finds as to where he can find Lupo. Batman learns that Angel's sister was pregnant when she died. He meets with Killer Croc and the two get into a fight. In the midst of the fight, a woman shows up and shoots at Batman and Killer Croc. As Batman realizes he must now find Angel to save him, instead of to bring him to justice, he detains his attacker.


"Broken City, Part Four"Edit