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"As the Crow Flies: Part Two: Partners in Crime"
General Information
Series: Batman
As The Crow Flies
Issue Number: 627
First Published: June 2004
Previous Issue: Batman #626
Next Issue: Batman #628


"As the Crow Flies: Part Two: Partners in Crime"Edit

Batman tries to find out who the new mob boss in town might be, and discovers that the Penguin has extended his influence, controlling a crime family covering a quarter of the city. What Batman doesn't now is that Penguin is working with the Scarecrow and Linda Friitawa, an albino geneticist. As Batman continues his investigations, a group of mob bosses, on their way to meet with the Penguin, come under attack from what looks like a monstrous version of the Scarecrow.


"As the Crow Flies: Part Two: Partners in Crime"Edit



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