"As the Crow Flies: Part Three: Scary Monsters"
General Information
Series: Batman
As The Crow Flies
Issue Number: 628
First Published: July 2004
Previous Issue: Batman #627
Next Issue: Batman #629


"As the Crow Flies: Part Three: Scary Monsters"Edit

During a bloody night, numerous of the bosses working for Penguin are found dead, attacked by a creature approximately fourteen feet tall, a creature that resembles the Scarecrow. Batman suggests that Robin should leave for his usual weekend with the Teen Titans while he deals with the situation. Meanwhile, Penguin questions Scarecrow about the night's events, but the master of fear, backed up by his assistant, swear that they had nothing to do with it. And later, at a summit, Penguin and his underlings come under attack from the Scare-beast themselves. Luckily, Batman is on hand as well, but he finds he is no match for the creature, which exhales nerve toxins.


"As the Crow Flies: Part Three: Scary Monsters"Edit



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