"As the Crow Flies: Part Four: Shotgun"
General Information
Series: Batman
As The Crow Flies
Issue Number: 629
First Published: August 2004
Previous Issue: Batman #628
Next Issue: Batman #630


"As the Crow Flies: Part Four: Shotgun"Edit

As Penguin flees from the Scare-beast's attack on the mob bosses who work for him, Baman attempts to battle the beast, but finds the nerve toxins he has inhaled to be formidable. He summons the Batmobile and contacts Alfred, but sees the Joker in the vehicle with him. When Alfred sends Robin to help Batman, the hero sees his partner as Jason Todd, the previous, dead Robin and struggles with him. Eventually, Alfred and Robin get Batman under control and rid his system of the toxins but they will get little respite. The beast has trailed the Batmobile and attacks Wayne Manor.


"As the Crow Flies: Part Four: Shotgun"Edit




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