"As the Crow Flies: Part Five: Home Invasion"
General Information
Series: Batman
As The Crow Flies
Issue Number: 630
First Published: September 2004
Previous Issue: Batman #629
Next Issue: Batman #631


"As the Crow Flies: Part Five: Home Invasion"Edit

The Scare-beast has attacked Wayne Manor and its inhabitants must drive it into the cave below to have a hope of countering it. Here. it is heavily tranquilised and transforms from the beast into Jonathan Crane, the 'normal' Scarecrow. When Batman tracks down Penguin, he finds Dr Linda Friitawa, disgraced geneticist. It was her who used Crane's research to transform him into the beast, so that she could find a cure for her condition. She will now be able to go out in the sunlight, and has also developed some formidable abilities. The next time anyone sees her, she'll be called Fright.


"As the Crow Flies: Part Five: Home Invasion"Edit





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