"No Going Back"Edit

Black Mask has invaded Oracle's clocktower sanctuary, believing it to be the Batcave. While he threatens her and murders Arturo Rodriguez' cameraman, Batman gathers his allies, going in to face Black Mask alone, whle they deal with any further trouble, which takes the form of Scarecrow in his enhanced bestial form, outside. However, his struggle with Black Mask becomes ever more brutal and Oracle fears that they will kill each other, so sets off some explosives which will destroy the entire building, killing her as well s the two combatants unless Batman saves her, which he eventually does. The heroes disperse from the scene, no longer welcomed by either the police or the media, and as they do, Batman receives word from Leslie Thompkins that Spoiler is dying. He goes to her bedside for her final moments, and is able to reassure her that she really was part of the team for a brief time, and that her heroism will be remembered. It is a new dawn for Gotham, which will survive as it ever does, but the cost of war has been high for Batman and his allies, and the city now has a new overarching crime boss in Black Mask, to whom all the other bosses must pay homage.


"No Going Back"Edit