"Face to Face"
General Information
Series: Batman
Under the Hood
Issue Number: 641
First Published: August 2005
Previous Issue: Batman #640
Next Issue: Batman #642


"Face to Face"Edit

The Red Hood has Onyx on her heels, but Batman is supposedly still in Metropolis. Bleeding, Onyx is disgusted by Red Hood's actions, but loses control when he takes out the knife. Yet, finally returning to Gotham City without the answers he was searching for, Batman finds himself face to face with the Red Hood. Locked in battle, Batman feels like he has seen the Red Hood's fighting style before. Hoping to finally defeat Batman, the Red Hood reveals his true identity: Jason Todd. Yet, Batman gets the upper hand and beats Jason Todd. Disrespected, he warns him that next time, he won't be nice.


"Face to Face"Edit





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