"All They Do is Watch Us Kill, Part 2"Edit

As Batman watches, Black Mask removes the mask of the Red Hood, who lies dead at the crime lord’s feet. But underneath the red hood is not the face of Jason Todd. Sensing that Batman was expecting someone other than the face that greeted him, Black Mask realizes the Dark Knight knows who the Red Hood really is. In another part of Gotham City, Jason Todd stands holding a blade to the throat of Batman’s nemesis, the Joker.

Batman rushes to Crime Alley to confront Jason, but the duo’s encounter is halted by an explosion in Bludhaven. Chemo has been dropped by the Society on Gotham’s sister-city, causing massive destruction. Batman, fearing for the life of his ex-partner Nightwing, can only stare in mute silence.


"All They Do is Watch Us Kill, Part 2"Edit