"Face the Face (Part II of VIII)"Edit

No one has seen Batman in all that time. For the first time in several years, the Bat-signal lights in the sky above the city. Poison Ivy takes control of the Vanguard Building and holds several people hostage, including Wayne Enterprises CEO, Lucius Fox. Ivy detonates a bomb in the city's upper floors to prove she means business.

Batman and Robin enter the building and stealthily make their way through the wreckage. As they get closer to Ivy, they encounter several large plant creatures. They cut their way through the swathe and continue towards Ivy. While Batman confronts her directly, Robin sneaks off to dump chemical defoliant in the building's sprinkler systems. Ivy ensnares Batman with some vines, but he quickly cuts through them. He tells Ivy that Robin is prepared to destroy every plant in the building unless she releases the hostages. Unwilling to let her precious plants die, Ivy gives up.

Later at police headquarters, Batman and Robin consult with James Gordon. Bullock telephones in and tells the commissioner that they have just located the murdered body of one of Batman's old foes, Magpie.


"Face the Face (Part II of VIII)"Edit