"Face the Face (Part VI of VIII)"Edit

Standing over shards of broken mirror in his hotel room Harvey Dent finds himself face to face with his evil alter ego Two-Face staring back at him. While his other personality argues for his freedom, Harvey thinks back to the time when Batman left him in charge of Gotham one year ago and the intense physical training he went through with Batman to be able to handle the necessary duties of the job. The training, although not enough to put him on par with Batman himself is enough to turn Dent into a formidable fighter - able to take down Mister Freeze alongside the Dark Knight.

All of these memories only make Harvey more angry over Batman's lack of trust, leaving him conflicted over what to do. In the end it all comes down to a coin toss. When the coin lands his fate is sealed. Grabbing a bottle of Nitric Acid and a scalpel, Two-Face is reborn.


"Face the Face (Part VI of VIII)"Edit