"Face the Face (Part VIII of VIII)"Edit

Harvey Dent has taken over the Gotham Zoo keeping only two of each species (including two humans) hostage. With the mayor unwilling to negotiate - Batman and Robin are sent to the scene to try and take down Dent. Two-Face of course blames Batman for his recent reemergence. When Robin takes off to go and diffuse a bomb Two-Face has set up Harvey is left sets loose two Siberian Tigers on Batman and escapes vowing revenge. After dealing with the tigers, Batman decides to go and pay a visit to the man who caused all this - the man who framed Harvey Dent in the first place... The Great White Shark.

Arriving at the Shark's cell in Arkham, Batman discusses his "theory" about how Shark is able run all of the crime operations in Gotham from his cell so well that even the Penguin fled! Unfortunately, with the perfect alibi (and the only witness Tally Man suffering from a broken jaw courtesy of Jason Bard), a "theory" is all it can be for now as Batman is forced to let White off the hook for the time being. But this doesn't mean that Shark's actions have no recourse. Batman vows to find Two-Face and tell him exactly who sent him down his new twisted and evil path and send him back to Arkham where he can personally thank Shark himself.

Finally Bruce is able to discuss with Tim the important issue which was side-tracked earlier by the recent crime sprees. What with Jack Drake's death and Tim being an orphan - Bruce wants to take Tim in and let him live with him. Today's laws being what they are now Tim wouldn't be able to simply be Bruce's ward as Dick once was - Bruce offers to adopt Tim as his legal son. Tim gladly accepts.


"Face the Face (Part VIII of VIII)"Edit