"Man-Bats of London"Edit

Jezebel Jet, former model and current leader of a small African nation, greets Bruce Wayne at a charity fundraiser. Together they view the exhibits and talk politics, until Jet's eye catches another possible donor, at which point she departs from Wayne. Outside, Alfred sees Kirk and Francine Langstrom get shoved out of a van, yelling warning that he was forced to give someone his Man-Bat serum and they're on the way.

Alfred is able to get his Master his suit, and he takes down the Man-Bats, only to have more show up. Most of the party-goers are evacuated, the lone exception being the Prime Minister's wife, who is taken by the Man-Bats after they overpower Batman.

When Batman awakens, he finds himself bound and in front of Talia al Ghul, who reminds him of the night they "shared under the desert moon above the Tropic of Cancer." She informs him that it resulted in a son, who she plans to leave with him, because he's growing beyond her control and needs discipline. With that, she leaves for the mountains, with the Prime Minister's wife, and without the boy, to rebuild her Man-Bat army, in preparation of holding the world hostage in a new kind of terror.


"Man-Bats of London"Edit