General Information
Series: Batman
Batman & Son
Issue Number: 657
First Published: November 2006
Previous Issue: Batman #656
Next Issue: Batman #658



Batman returns to the Batcave with his supposed son, Damian, in tow. The headstrong and undisciplined boy disrespects his father, Alfred, and the returning Robin before being shown to his temporary quarters.

Batman tells Robin that Damian's appearance "changes nothing" between the two of them and fills him in on the details of Talia al Ghul's plan and sudden leaving of the boy with him, explaining that to this point he has been raised and trained by the League of Assassins and really needs some love and respect. Angry, Robin lets him know that the Spook is holding the mayor hostage at Blackgate and leaves him to handle it himself.

Before leaving for Blackgate, Batman confronts Damian who's throwing a tantrum over not being allowed a laptop and having his sword taken away. At Blackgate, an undercover Gotham police officer is discovered among the Spook's men, but saved by the Batman before the other thugs kill him. Everyone comes through the hostage situation fine, with the exception of the Spook, who has been decapitated by an unknown person.

Robin finds Damian training in the Batcave and offers to train with him, pausing when he realizes he has his real sword and not a sparring weapon. Damian then reveals that he broke out of the bedroom he was locked in--using Alfred's fingerprints on the lock's keypad--and broke in to the cave--by mimicking Robin's voice. At that point he explains that he took Batman's earlier mentioning of fighting crime as a challenge, a challenge he accepted by fighting and cutting off the head of the Spook's head.

He attacks Robin, saying that Batman "doesn't need a surrogate son" now that he's there. Robin gains the upper hand, only to have Damian topple him from the model T. Rex to the floor with a backhand. Later, in downtown Gotham, Batman lands on a roof where Damian is standing. He tells his father he wants to help, and that Robin has quit before stepping out of the shadows to reveal himself in the Robin costume.





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