"Absent Fathers"Edit

Batman rushes back to the cave to find Tim badly injured and Alfred locked in a closet upstairs. He frees Alfred and sends him to attend to Tim's wounds. Regardless of his upbringing in the League of Assassins, Bruce scolds Damian for his behavior. Deeming him too dangerous to be left alone, Bruce takes Damian with him as he sets out to find Talia and the Prime Minister's wife. Seeking to earn his father's affection, Damian tells Bruce that Talia is in Gibraltar and is using the Prime Minister's wife as a bargaining chip to convince the British government to give her the Garrison.

Making a quick pit stop to gather the Langstroms so that they can give the Brits intelligence on how to fight off the Man-Bats, Bruce uses a hidden rocket ship to race towards Gibraltar. Along the way, Bruce and Damian have a bit of bonding time.

Talia's submarine emerges from the waters outside of Gibraltar and the Man-Bats begin their attack. Bruce and Damian arrive just in time to fight off the Man-Bat horde and help th e Prime Minister's wife escape. Talia confesses that her true motivation behind the kidnapping was to convince Bruce to settle down as a family with her and help her turn over a new leaf.

Bruce refuses and gets the Prime Minister's wife safely away. The British navy launches a missile at the terrorist sub, blowing it sky high. Bruce escapes the explosion but decides that if he could have escaped, so could Talia and that she and his son are still at large.


"Absent Fathers"Edit