"Grotesk Part 2"Edit

Batman arrives at Omnimed and confronts a Doctor Myles Strane about stealing Wayne Franklin's designs for the prototype. Strane confesses that they were unable to get the stolen prototype to work without Dr. Franklin's help. Batman tells Strane to gather all of Franklin's notes.

Meanwhile, down in the lobby of the Omnimed building, a Yakuza loan shark named Johnny Karaoke arrives with his gun toting Geisha Grrls in tow, looking for something from the offices up stairs. When the guard tells him to return during business hours, the crooning killer orders his Girls to open fire. Upstairs, Batman hears the noise and leaves Strane to gather Franklin's notes while he attends to the situation.

It seems as though the good doctor Wayne Franklin had sought funding from both the Russian mafia and the Yakuza and now has both rival factions hunting down either his money or his information. Batman is able to knock down Karaoke but the loan shark escapes when the Dark Knight's attention is diverted once again by the sound of the fire alarms. Batman rushes back to the office where he left Slane but finds that Grotesk had gotten to the man. Slane is dead and Franklin's notes are missing.

When the police arrive, Batman compares notes with Gordon. Apparently the third victim, George Williams was in a 60's radical group with Amina and Wayne's parents. The group was responsible for robbing a bank back in the day and it appears as though someone had been blackmailing Williams with information about his involvement. With both the Yakuza and Russian mobs after Franklin's assets, Batman has to cut the conversation short as he rushes to check on Amina. Bruce's hunch turns out to be a good one as at that very moment, the Russian mobster Perun is arriving at the Saint Eligius Medical Center looking for Amina. He opens fire in the emergency room and threatens to kill one person every ten seconds until he sees Amina. Luckily for her, Batman has just arrived on the scene.


"Grotesk Part 2"Edit