"Grotesk Part 3"Edit

Batman chases off Perun and his thugs and demands answers from Amina regarding her brother Grotesk. While driving away from the hospital, Perun receives a call from Grotesk. He proposes a deal - Perun will get the I-Gore prototype that his mafia bosses had funded and in return Perun will promise to stay away from Amina. Grotesk arranges the deal to take place at the Gotham Opera House but when Perun arrives he finds that he is not the only person interested in obtaining the I-Gore.

Johnny Karaoke and his Geisha Girls are also at the opera house and the two factions begin a fire fight over who gets to lay claim to the machinery. Grotesk watches from the rafters and revels in the destruction below. Batman arrives and tries to apprehend Grotesk but finds that the machine which the mobsters are fighting over is a decoy. Instead of giving them the real I-Gore, Grotesk had lured them with the inoperable knock-off designed by Omnimed. Realizing that the bait is a trap, Batman rushes to stop the fight but it's too late. Grotesk had rigged the device with a bomb and triggered it to explode.

Determined to battle it out until the very end, Johnny Karaoke and Perun kill each other amongst the ensuing blaze while Batman manages to rescue whomever he can. Grotesk, of course, has escaped into the night. Batman leaves behind the fiery wreckage to look for Amina and get to the bottom of this once and for all.


"Grotesk Part 3"Edit