"Grotesk Part 4"Edit

The mayor has begun advising all of the citizens of Gotham to stay inside as the blizzard outside becomes more and more intense. But Commissioner Gordon is interested in keeping tabs on one citizen in particular - Dr. Amina Franklin, sister to the serial killer Grotesk who has begun stalking Gotham. Amina's former flame Bruce Wayne arrives and uses his societal status to convince Gordon to allow Amina to stay with him in his penthouse.

Back at the penthouse Bruce takes the opportunity to quiz Amina about her brother himself. She confesses that the man buried in her brother's grave was actually a derelict and that her brother had staged his own death to escape the mobs that had loaned him the money used to create the I-Gore. When the staged explosion accidentally catches Wayne in its blast, Wayne Franklin is left horrifically scarred and insists on using the I-Gore device to tend to his own wounds. A fierce sense of loyalty left over from a traumatic childhood has kept Amina from turning Wayne in thus far.

Just then, Grotesk fires a small rocket at Bruce's pent house causing an explosion that nearly kills them both. Grotesk takes his sister back to his former lab where he plans on surgically adding part of her face to his own so that they can be together as he sales across the river to his freedom. Batman bursts through the window above and tries to stop Grotesk but he fires a tranquilizer dart into Amina's chest and flees. Choosing to attempt to save Amina instead of chase Grotesk, Batman once again allows the killer to escape. Grotesk hijacks a boat at the harbor and sets sail. Amina dies in Batman's arms.

Batman finds Grotesk's boat out in the freezing cold waters and attempts to stop him. Unfortunately their ensuing fight distracts the two from noticing the giant freighter ship coming directly towards them. The ship crashes into Grotesk's boat destroying it and sending both men flying. Batman attempts to rescue Grotesk but his cybernetic implant arm comes off in Batman's hands and Grotesk is lost in the waters. His frozen body finally washes up on the other side of the river.


"Grotesk Part 4"Edit