"Three Ghosts of Batman"Edit

After cleaning up what remains of Talia's Man-Bat army in Gibraltar, Bruce meets up with Jezebel Jet for a date. The two begin talking leading Bruce and Jezebel to realize that they both lost parents at a very young age. Back in Gotham, Bruce overhears a disagreement between a pimp and two GCPD officers. Apparently the GCPD had bee paying women to visit with another fellow police officer but the women aren't seen or heard from again - and those that do return are found dead.

Batman swings into action but the police refuse to tell Batman what is going on. He questions the girls but Bruce is also finding that ever since the incident with the imposter Batman shooting the joker, the girls are seeming equally as afraid of Batman as they are the killer police officer. He gets the killer cop's address and attempts to offer at least one of the girls a way off of the street through a job at Wayne Enterprises.

The cop had been hiding out in a run down bath house. The entire building reeks of testosterone and dead flesh - the bodies of dead prostitutes are strewn about form room to room. Batman comes face to face with the killer cop - a behemoth in a Batman tank top and wearing a Bane mask with Bat-ears and the cop and Batman battle it out. During the fight, Bruce begins to think of the other crooked cop - the one who shot Joker - and "a series of locks open" in his head. He begins to think about something called the Black Casebook.

The distraction is enough for the gigantic cop to get the upper hand as he tosses Batman through a window and into the street below. He stomps on Bruce's spine attempting to break it as Bane did - and walks away leaving Batman lying in a pool of his own blood. Before blacking out, all Bruce can think is "The black casebook. Everyone's in danger."


"Three Ghosts of Batman"Edit