"The Island of Mister Mayhew"Edit

Years ago, daredevil playboy John Mayhew became so obsessed with crime-busting that he formed the International Club of Heroes. The shark hunting movie producer, Mayhew drew together different variations of Batman from across the globe (including Batman himself), set them up in a billion dollar headquarters and then let them go on their own. Needless to say, the experiment failed and the team had since disbanded.

However it appears as though their founder John Mayhew has called the club to his private island for a reunion. Batman arrives, greeted by the Knight (England's version of Batman) and soon finds himself amongst his former teammates - each of them seemingly the personification of every facet of Bruce's personality run amok. The gluttonous ego-maniac Legionary, the corrupt murdering fame hound Musketeer, the ultra moody Wingman, the neglectful family man Man-Of-Bats and the distant super-armored Dark Ranger.

Unfortunately, they all quickly come to realize that the man who invited them there is missing. As a matter of fact, an ominous video reveals that John Mayhew has been apparently murdered by "The Black Glove" - a secret society which shares its name with an old John Mayhew movie, bent on playing a high stakes game between good and evil using human chess pieces. The man in the video wearing John Mayhew's skin like a mask, tells them all to place their bets because by tomorrow they will all be dead.

Batman and the others race out of the room to find their transportation destroyed by an explosion. While the others are outside, Legionary stumbles across a room full of video monitors. Before he can alert the others, a figure in all black sneaks up behind him and murders him by stabbing him in the back 23 times just as Caesar had been murdered on the steps of the forum.


"The Island of Mister Mayhew"Edit