"Now We Are Dead!"Edit

The heroes examine Legionary's corpse and begin to draw up their list of suspects, first of which is Charlie Caligula - the crime boss obsessed with Roman Empire themed crimes. By the time he died, the one great Italian crime fighter had become fat and corrupt, accepting bribes and allowing Caligula to essentially take over Italy. Man-of-Bats however hypothesizes that the man he saw fleeing the murder scene could have been none other than the Knight. Apparently the Knight witnessed an altercation between Legionary and his father (the original Knight) at the Club's final meeting.

Working on a clue left behind by the dying Legionary, the team heads towards the library - the room where the Black Glove's haunting video was shot. There they find the Knight in serious condition after being forced by a masked assailant to swallow a bomb. The heroes remark that this gruesome death is also the way that Knight's father was murdered by his arch-nemesis Spring Heeled Jack. Leaving the library, the group is caught by a trap seemingly devised by Gaucho's enemy El Sombrero the death trap designer. The trap separates the group and Robin and Squire are forced to flee back into the library while Dark Ranger, Gaucho, Batman and Swordsman attempt to get back to them.

Robin uses the time to re-examine the crime scene once more. Using his detective skills, he and Squire find a hidden staircase inside the library. At the bottom of the staircase they are shocked to find Raven Red. While waiting for Dark Ranger to cut through the sealed steel door with his plasma pulse gun, Swordsman is almost killed by a poisonous robotic blue scorpion; a trademark of Dark Ranger's foe Scorpiana. When they reach the other side they find Wingman dead. The voice of the Black Glove taunts them and it appears that the forces of evil are indeed winning this battle. Not only does it look as though the Black Glove has enlisted the aid of all of the Club's rogues gallery but with Robin and the Squire cut off from the rest of the group, the Black Glove has their sidekicks held hostage as well


"Now We Are Dead!"Edit